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Terms of Service

By paying for a class with Design Solutions by Debbie you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following Terms of Service:

  • Design Solutions by Debbie is NOT affiliated with Cricut.

  • NO refunds will be given

  • Customers will NOT voice record, video record, or share the materials received from Design Solutions by Debbie.

Design Solutions by Debbie Intellectual Property Rights

Any and all content, ranging from online courses to webpage content are owned by Design Solutions by Debbie. At any time, Design Solutions by Debbie has the right to change or remove any of this content, whether in whole or just in part, without notification. By using this website, you agree that Design Solutions by Debbie has no responsibility to you or to any party for the discontinuation, modification, or suspension of any content or service offered here. No part of this terms of service statement can be used to create an obligation to that effect.

Any and all content included on Design Solutions by Debbie's website and used in any of its services are the intellectual property of Design Solutions by Debbie and is therefore covered by copyright and intellectual property right laws both in the United States and under international law.

Any logos, service marks, trademarks, or other graphic design specific to Design Solutions by Debbie are Design Solutions by Debbie's property and are protected under copyright law. Any other logos or trademarked items are used with permission of the owners, and should not be downloaded, reproduced, or copied without the consent of Design Solutions by Debbie.

Unless express permission is given, the services and content provided by Design Solutions by Debbie may not be copied, sold, resold, displayed, reproduced, published, transferred, derived, distributed, modified, or used in any other way that could be construed as commercial exploitation in any way shape or form. Design Solutions by Debbie reserves all other copyright and intellectual property rights not explicitly stated here.

Payment Terms and Conditions

In order to use any or all of the services offered by Design Solutions by Debbie, you must have access to the internet and a valid payment method that we can accept, which will be indicated at signup. You agree that Design Solutions by Debbie has the right to store this payment information and that you will pay all fee as they are due.

You agree that Design Solutions by Debbie is not responsible for offering you any sort of refund.

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