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Design Solutions by Debbie offers 

One-on-One Classes.


The Mission of Design Solutions by Debbie is to provide a virtual training program tailored to your needs. It is designed to allow you to set the goals, objectives and the learning pace. You are the customer and I will do my best to meet your needs. Your commitment is to learn – my commitment is to deliver!


My Story

Welcome to my website! I want to help you have fun but also get the most from your Cricut.


I have been using my Cricut for over three years designing and creating a robust variety of projects. I began by bringing my Cricut to a local Market to help people develop ideas and customize merchandise while they waited. Many people asked that I consider personalized sessions and classes. I started holding very successful classes at local centers, but the pandemic shut down in-person opportunities; however, my customers wanted more. 


So I started doing online one-on-one sessions even though there are on-line videos available.  However, there is nothing that can replace personalized coaching to address both common and specific needs.  In addition, I can set the pace to meet individual skill levels and expertise, which cannot be replaced with on-line videos.


I want to thank you up front for the opportunity to help you utilize your Cricut to meet your needs!


One-on-One Classes

Sign up should be out far enough out for you to complete the pre-requisites and purchase supplies for class. The recommendation is that you reserve a date 4-5 days into the future to be able to prepare for class. This does not apply to Custom Class.



"Debbie is an awesome teacher. I had no idea how to use my Cricut until I went to her for help. She is a genius and also an excellent crafter. Take her class, you will not regret it."

Conswello I.



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